Workflow Notifications

    Administrators and Workflow Technicians have to constantly keep checking the list of all the requests to know about the requests that are waiting for their action. Also, the technician who had raised the request, the other technicians and users concerned have to constantly monitor task to know its status, whether it has been reviewed, approved, executed or rejected. Workflow Notifications is just the way out from this difficulty.

    Workflow Notifications feature helps in sending customized messages as email notifications to all the technicians and users who have to be notified of the status of those requests that they have to act on, instead of them having to search through the entire list of all the requests. All you need to do is just specify the email addresses of all the technicians and users who have to be kept informed at each stage of a request and the notifications will be sent to all of them automatically every time a request is created or its status changes.


    Go the Notification Rules in the Workflow tab, check the stages in the workflow for which you would like to send notifications. For each stage, specify all the technicians and the email addresses of the users who have to be notified about requests in that specific stage in the Notify section. In the Customize Message section, mention a suitable subject and also the custom message using the macros listed.


    • Click on Workflow tab.
    • Go to Configuration --> Notification Rules.
    • Select the stages in the workflow for which notifications have to be sent by selecting the corresponding checkboxes.
    • For each stage, specify the people to be notified using the notify option and mention a customized message to be sent using the customize message option.
    • In the notify section,
      • -Use the checkboxes and the technician to notify option to specify the technicians to be notified.
      • - Mention the email addresses of the users who have to be notified using the custom emails option.
    • In the customize message section,
      • -Specify a subject.
      • - In the message box, specify the message that you would like to send in the email notifications to the specified technicians.


    Macros help you in creating the custom message that you would like to send as notification by fetching the appropriate or required information to be displayed in the message. For example, to mention the status of the request as part of the email notification message, all you have to do is just click on the Request Status macro from the list of macros and the request

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