Assigning Rules

    In ADManager Plus you can configure as many requesters, reviewers, approvers and executors as want. By default at each stage request will be assigned to all technicians. Instead you can assign to specific reviewers, approvers and executors, thus the task would be channeled and the process more efficient. This is where the assigning rules feature plays an important role.

    In ADManager Plus, now you can also add configured business worflow, conditional rules to assign technicians and priority to the task (i.e.) you can associate a particular action or task to a specific reviewer, approver or executor and set notifications to the technicians. While creating a request, the rule with the satisfied criteria and highest priority will be executed The most recently created rule will be assigned the highest priority or you can change the priority in the rule manually.

    Steps to configure assigning rules

    • Click on "assigning rule" under configuration section in the left pane of the tab
    • Enter a suitable rule name and description
    • Select the business workflow for required workflow stages.
    • To add a new rule, choose the conditions on the satisfaction of which the rule should be executed. For example, you can set conditions for 'Domain Name', 'Action', 'Priority' and 'Subject' under requests and 'Name', 'Domain Name', 'Department' and 'Container' as conditions for requestors.
    • In the Request administration section, select the technician(s) to be assigned and what priority to set for each action
    • To prevent requests from being assigned to the requesters themselves for approval, review or execution, select the 'Exclude Requester' checkbox.
    • Notifications can be enabled or disabled for each action with the option to edit the notification template (Email/SMS/Both). While configuring templates for each action, you can select multiple templates based on the receipient(s). The new templates configured in Notification Profile in Admin settings will also be displayed while setting templates in Assigning Rules.
    • After you have configured, click on the save button.
    Note: You can use the "%manager%" or "%ManagerOfRequester%" macro from the 'Assign to' option under Reviewer or Approver sections to add the managers of the OU in which the task is being performed or manager of the requestor for reviewing or approving the Workflow task.

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