Requester Roles

    In ADManager Plus you can configure requester roles, which you can later associate with help desk technicians or users. These roles define who can raise requests for what AD management actions.

    Steps in configuring requester roles:

    • Click on "requester roles" under configuration section in the left pane of the tab
    • A page with the existing list of requester roles will open
    • From this page you can choose the create new role option to configure new requester roles
    • Clicking on the option will display a page; in the page:
      • In the role name text box, type a name for the role and use the description text box to add a note
      • Then check all the management actions for which users associated with this role should be allowed to raise requests
    • Finally click the save role button and role will be created

    Note: You can click on the edit icon next to the list of requesters to configure file servers for them. If you want to add a shared folder, select the file server to view and add the shared folders.