Workflow based User creation

    A new employee joins the organization. If a junior HR recruits an employee. He has to request the administrator to create a user account in Active Directory for that employee; a senior HR / HR manager will review and approve the request and the AD administrator will then execute the request to create the user account in AD.

    Also, while creating the request, the requester can specify the template that has to be used for this user. While reviewing, approving or executing, if needed, the concerned HR manager, technician or the administrator can change the template and assign a different one for the user.

    This sequence will repeat itself every time an employee joins the organization. So this process can be eased a little by standardizing the steps involved in the process.

    Workflow structure

    For this illustration, we will retain the simple workflow structure with just a requester and executor. The requester being the junior HR and executor being the assigned help desk technician or AD administrator.

    Steps to configure the workflow agents

    1. Click Workflow tab → Business Workflow → Edit Workflow → configure the agents involved in workflow and click save.
    2. To add requesters
      • Click the Requesters link
      • Add the desired users or the helpdesk technician(junior HR).
    3. To add executors
      • Click the executors link
      • Click the add button (which is present beside "Executors" dialog box)
      • From the table displayed, choose the desired technicians (system administrators) and click ADD button

    Steps in the implementation stage

    1. Requester (Junior HR) creates request for user creation
      • Requester logs in to ADManager Plus → Clicks Workflow tab
      • Under Create request, clicks single user creation
      • In the create single user page, selects the desired template, selects Office 365 option to create an account for this user in Office 365, enters the details of the user to be created and clicks "Create Request" button.

        Note: The Office 365 option will be visible only if the template selected by the requester supports Office 365 user creation.

    2. Executor (administrator / a designated help desk technician) executes the "user creation" process
      • Executor logs in to ADManager Plus → Clicks Workflow tab
      • Clicks the drop down arrow located in the All Requests field; Under My requests, clicks awaiting for execution.
      • Locates the relevant request from the list of requests, clicks the create users link located in the Subject column of the request; Under My requests, clicks awaiting for execution.
      • In the Task Details window, clicks on the view objects link located in the 'Matching Objects' column to view the details of the user account to be created.
      • The details of the user account to be created, the target location (container) and the template which the requester had specified will now be displayed.

        If needed, the executor can select a different template using the change link located beside the Selected Template field.

      • Once the executor is convinced that all the details are correct, he clicks the OK button and then the Create Users link located just above the container field.
      • In the Task Details page, executes the request approved by the junior HR manager, by clicking on the Execute button.

      The user will hence be created.

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