Unify your Active Directory and HRMS for seamless employee life cycle management.

ADManager Plus now integrates with Workday

The Challenge

In enterprise employee management, human resources (HR) teams work in tandem with information technology (IT) teams on an ad hoc basis to provision accounts for new hires and deprovision accounts when employees leave. Besides that, there are constant updates to employee profiles based on team or location changes, which need to be addressed immediately. This dependency on external teams can create bottlenecks in employee onboarding and increase security risks when the access rights of former employees are not revoked in time.

The Solution

By integrating human resource management system (HRMS) applications with your Active Directory (AD), Exchange, Office 365, and other platforms, you can synchronize data stored in the HRMS employee information fields with corresponding fields in AD. This process can protect data integrity, avoid data entry errors, tighten security, and save time normally spent on managing the properties of accounts.

ADManager Plus’ integration with Workday aims to improve the efficiency and security of the employee onboarding, modification, and offboarding process.

Benefits of HR-driven lifecycle management

Benefits of HR-driven life cycle management.


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  • Accelerate the employee onboarding process.

    How does the HR department notify IT admins when new employees join an organization? In most cases, the HR manager exports the user details in a CSV file from their HRMS application and shares the file with the IT team via email. Automating user provisioning eliminates time-consuming onboarding operations like this, freeing up plenty of time for IT admins to deal with other important tasks. Using ADManager Plus, you can automatically provision accounts in AD, Office 365, Exchange, Skype for Business, and Google Workspace. You can also ensure changes made in the HRMS application are reflected across all accounts.

  • Mitigate potential compromise of ex-employees’ accounts.

    Dormant accounts can go unnoticed for a long time, and it's important to remove these accounts from systems as quickly as possible to eliminate potential attacks from aggravated ex-employees and malicious insiders. By integrating ADManager Plus with Workday, the accounts of former employees can be disabled and stripped off their privileges much faster than relying on manual methods to perform this process. This substantially reduces the access window of a malicious user accessing sensitive data, thereby better protecting your company from a breach.

  • Synchronize updates in the HR system with AD.

    When the roles or responsibilities of employees change, the IT team has to modify the properties of their accounts, add them to relevant groups, or move them to another organizational unit. Admins have to address changes in group memberships and file server permissions immediately, as these determine an employee's access to relevant resources. With ADManager Plus' integration with HRMS tools, changes in the employee fields in the HRMS database will automatically trigger changes in the corresponding attributes in AD. With this capability, you can say goodbye to overflowing help desk requests.

  • Align business needs with IT processes.

    Based on the nature of the business, it's important to establish a framework for employees’ security clearance when accessing critical file servers and resources within the organization. ADManager Plus offers intelligent rule-based templates to strictly define the properties and privileges that every user should possess. This helps set up a secure environment where no users are granted excess rights that could be wrongfully used.

  • Keep your stakeholders informed via real-time alerts.

    Generally, IT teams don't have visibility into user management actions since native tools don't provide the option to preview changes in AD or detect unauthorized modifications. With every user account being created, modified, or deleted, you can configure real-time SMS/email notifications that will be triggered to relevant team members. You can also get insights into accounts created, deleted, and modified with the help of prepackaged reports.

  • Eliminate dependency on external teams.

    By automating the provisioning and deprovisioning experience, the IT team eliminates the need to depend on the HR team to perform these processes, thereby improving cross-functional relationships and productivity.

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