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Identity Risk Assessment in ADManager Plus

The Identity Risk Assessment in ADManager Plus provides a comprehensive view of your AD and Microsoft 365 threat landscape by analyzing risk factors that could lead to security attacks. ADManager Plus actively analyzes your AD and Microsoft 365 environments, pinpointing potential security vulnerabilities and assessing their impact. It provides actionable insights on those potential risks and proactive strategies to mitigate them effectively. Organizations looking for a complete assessment of their AD and Microsoft 365 objects can use this report to uncover the security risk that they are exposed to, find areas that require attention, and learn about the remediation measures.

Apart from identifying risks and strengthening your risk posture, you can also create access certification campaigns to review and validate the access rights and privileges granted to users to thwart access-related risks and meet compliance mandates.

Identity risk assessment in ADManager Plus

The need for risk assessment

Active Directory (AD) is an integral part of an organization's network and is highly susceptible to security risks. Thus, one wrong move in your AD can have adverse effects on your business and can potentially break it. Organizations are thus advised to implement a cybersecurity and risk management strategy to secure and protect their network and reputation. As per the NIST Special Publication 800-39, Managing Information Security Risk: Organization, Mission, and Information System View, risk assessment plays a critical role in the risk management process. It involves identifying, evaluating, and reporting the identity-related risks in an environment, which when exploited can have dire effects on an organization and its assets.

The need for risk assessment arises when:

  • There is a lack of visibility into security gaps
  • Organizations need to address the security misconfigurations
  • There are no security policies to govern and secure the organization's identities
  • There is a need to comply with compliance regulations
  • Organizations need insights on their threat landscape

Deciphering the Identity Risk Assessment report

ADManager Plus follows the NIST SP 800-30 guidelines to assess, identify, and evaluate the risk indicators in an environment, and summarizes your AD and Microsoft health and risk status with a risk score. This score is an indication of how secure or vulnerable your AD and Microsoft 365 environments are, i.e., a lower risk score indicates that your organization is less prone to attacks, while a higher risk score indicates higher risk and requires your undivided attention.

Identified risk indicators demand attention based on their severity and risk exposure level, which in turn depends on the objects contributing to it. Each risk indicator can be viewed as an individual report, and risky objects can be dealt on the fly. ADManager Plus also imparts knowledge on the impact that these risk indicators might have on your AD and Microsoft 365 environment and provides actionable recommendations that can be implemented to reduce their likelihood of occurrence in the long run.

Key highlights of this report

  • Get a bird's-eye view of your AD and Microsoft 365 threat landscape
  • Prioritize risks based on their severity
  • Gain insights on the identified risk indicators and their impact
  • Mitigate risks using on-the-fly actions

Benefits of performing risk assessment

Foresee AD-related attacks and mitigate them

Identifying and mitigating risks even before they can pose a security threat helps you avoid AD-related attacks, security breaches, and ransomware attacks, which can cost a fortune.

Achieve compliance

Meet audit and compliance requirements set by mandates like the GDPR and PCI DSS.

Improve incident management

Enhance incident response with strategies and measures to deal with AD-specific risks.

Gap analysis

Identify and fill the gaps in your network and cybersecurity practices.

Strengthen risk posture

Strengthen your cybersecurity game by identifying risk indicators, mitigating them, and fortifying your network and data from them.

Use cases:

Use case 1: Security evaluation

Learn how strong your security game is with this report. The Identity Risk Assessment report offers a panoramic view of your AD and Microsoft 365 risk posture in its vibrant dashboard along with an overall risk score, computed based on the risk indicators in an organization.

Identity risk assessment in ADManager Plus

A risk score to know about your overall AD security


Describes the impact that a particular risk indicator has on the overall risk score


Filter and prioritize risk indicators based on their risk severity

Use case 2: Compliance assurance

Conduct risk assessments and comply with various IT mandates. IT regulations like the GDPR, SOX, the PCI DSS, and more demand organizations to implement a structural risk management plan and assess their networks for potential risks. ADManager Plus allows you to streamline the entire process by identifying AD and Microsoft 365 risk indicators, and providing a comprehensive report on those indicators. These reports can be exported and utilized during compliance auditing.

Identity risk assessment in ADManager Plus

Take actions on the risky objects on the fly


Proactive mitigation measures to secure your AD in the long run

Bolster your risk posture with ADManager Plus


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