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Freshservice is a cloud-based IT help desk and service management software designed to simplify IT operations for organizations of all sizes. The software offers a variety of solutions that helps the IT team manage incidents, problems, changes, assets, service catalogs, and also comes with the ability to store knowledge bases on the cloud for easy accessibility. Additionally, the software's user-friendly interface makes it easy for its end users to submit and monitor their own requests, reducing the strain on IT. The software is scalable and customizable to meet the specific needs of different organizations and is used by companies across various industries.

By integrating ADManager Plus with Freshservice, IT service requests and incidents can be managed more efficiently, leading to improved asset tracking, user management, and access control. This integration also helps in reducing response times and increasing operational efficiency, leading to enhanced IT service delivery and a reduction in costs.


Enhanced self-service capabilities

Supports instant resolution of password-related tickets by allowing help desk technicians to reset users' AD passwords from within their help desk consoles.


Automated user provisioning

User provisioning templates from ADManager Plus enable a smooth onboarding experience driven by the help desk, facilitating the configuration of role-based access for users as their AD user accounts are created directly from the Freshdesk console.


Streamlining permissions and access management

Enhance permission and access management for AD user accounts by providing the ability to effortlessly include or exclude AD users from security groups directly within the ticketing system.

Steps to configure the ADManager Plus plugin in Freshservice

Before getting started:

  • If you haven't deployed ADManager Plus yet, download and install it here. Read more.
  • If you're an existing user, ensure that you've updated ADManager Plus to the latest version. The integration with Freshservice is supported by versions 7064 and above.
  • To establish secure communication between ADManager Plus and Freshservice, ensure that the host name of ADManager Plus server holds a valid SSL certificate signed by a trusted certificate authority (CA).
    • Log on to Freshservice as the admin.
    • Install the ADManager Plus plugin.
    • Enter the ADManager Plus URL and click Next.
    • Note: The entered URL should be a fully qualified domain name (FQDN)
    • Enter the help desk technician's credentials, including Username, Password, and Domain. Click Finish.
Note: The ADManager Plus admin or help desk technician credentials can be changed if needed.

Supported actions:

  • User provisioning
  • Enable or disable user accounts
  • Reset passwords
  • Unlock user accounts
  • User deprovisioning

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