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Jazz HR, a cloud-based recruitment tool, streamlines the hiring process by automating tasks such as job posting, tracking applicants, and scheduling interviews. This improves overall recruitment workflow efficiency.

Integrating Jazz HR with ADManager Plus, enables better collaboration between HR and IT departments. Through this integration, employee data is synchronized across systems, ensuring accuracy and consistency. HR teams gain the ability to manage user access and permissions in Active Directory (AD) more effectively, which simplifies processes and reduces the workload for administrative staff. This unified approach to handling employee data is advantageous for businesses of various sizes.


Streamlined user management:

The integration with ADManager Plus simplifies user account management, enhancing processes like onboarding, offboarding, and maintaining data accuracy.


Reduced administrative workload:

HR admins can automate various tasks, saving time and minimizing errors. This allows them to concentrate more on strategic tasks and activities centered on employees.


Synchronized data:

The integration ensures information is consistent and updated across both HR and IT systems, reducing the chances of data inconsistencies and improving the reliability of the information.

To get an API Key:

  • Navigate to Jazz HR.
  • Click Settings in the top panel.
  • Select Integrations.
  • On the integrations page, you can find the API key. Jazz HR

In ADManager Plus:

  • In the Authorization section, enter the API key you copied from the JAZZ HR website in the Value field. Authorization
Note: Endpoint configurations are all preconfigured. Endpoint configurations Response Attribute Mapping

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