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Log360 is a comprehensive SIEM solution featuring log management and incident management capabilities. It collects and analyzes logs, and provides insights on the various security events in a network.

By integrating Log360 with ADManager Plus, organizations can enhance their security posture and streamline user account management. This integration help organizations forward logs seamlessly, meet audit requirements, and demonstrate compliance with various IT mandates.


Real-time alerts and automated responses:

Establishes real-time alerts for specific Active Directory events to ensure quick notifications and responses to security incidents.


Enhanced security monitoring:

Improves security by correlating the activities of admins and technicians using ADManager Plus with Log360 to strengthen the detection and analysis of security threats.


Audit trails and forensic analysis:

Enables organizations to maintain detailed audit trails which is essential for forensic analysis during security incidents.

Steps to configure Log360 settings in ADManager Plus

  • Log in to ADManager Plus and navigate to the Admin tab.
  • Under System Settings, click Integrations.
  • Under Log Forwarding, click Log360.
  • Check the Enable Integration box to enable the integration and configure the following:
    • Server Where EventLog Analyzer is Running: Enter the name of the machine where EventLog Analyzer is installed.
    • EventLog Analyzer port number: Enter the port number where the EventLog Analyzer service is running.
    • Protocol Settings: Select the protocol that must be used to connect to the EventLog Analyzer server.
    • Authentication: Check this option to provide authenticated access to the server when EventLog Analyzer is installed in a remote machine and to configure the Super Admin's credentials in the Username and Password fields.
    • Log Type: Select the type of log that you would like to forward to EventLog Analyzer: Access Logs, Debug Logs, or User Activity Logs.
      • Access Log: Select Access Logs if you would like to forward ADManager Plus' web server access logs.
      • Debug Log: Select this log if you would like to forward event logs related to startup and logins.
      • User Activity Log: Select this log if you would like to forward logs of actions performed by technicians in ADManager Plus.
    • Configure Syslog Port Manually: Check this option if you'd like to manually configure the Syslog port.
  • Note: By default, this option is unchecked and the port details will be automatically populated from EventLog Analyzer.
    • Syslog Protocol: Select the protocol that must be used to forward the logs.
    • Syslog Port: Enter the port to which logs must be forwarded.
  • Click Test Connection and Save to establish a connection and save the settings.
Note: For security reasons, only ADManager Plus' built-in administrator can enable this integration with Log360.

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