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Zendesk is a cloud-based ITSM tool designed to help IT teams manage workflows such as incident, problem, change, and release management. The software offers a range of features such as automation, analytics, and collaboration tools within a centralized platform where businesses can streamline IT operations, enhance service delivery, and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, Zendesk enables end users to submit and monitor their own requests, simplifying the overall service experience.

Integrating Zendesk with ManageEngine ADManager Plus reduces the burden on IT staff by automating user lifecycle management. By synchronizing the data between the systems, IT teams will now have the option to manage user provisioning, password resets and updates, groups, and permissions directly from Zendesk.


Simplified user account management

Reset password Unlock user account Enable or disable user account right from the menu in Zendesk.


One-click employee onboarding and offboarding

Enable IT service desk technicians to simoultaneously provision user accounts in Active Directory, Office 365, Exchange Server, Skype for Business, and G Suite.

Steps to integrate ADManager Plus with Zendesk

  • Log in to ADManager Plus.
  • Navigate to Admin > System Settings > Integrations.
  • Click on Zendesk under ITSM/Help Desk Tools.
Note: The Enable Integration button is turned on by default. Toggle it off to disable Zendesk integration.

Steps to integrate ADManager Plus users in Zendesk

  • Log in to Zendesk.
  • Download ADManager Plus from Zendesk's Marketplace.
  • On the Installation page, set the role and group-based restrictions for accessing ADManager Plus and click Install.
  • Once it is installed, click the ADManager Plus icon in the left pane and click the Integrate Now! button. Enable Integration
  • Copy the Referrer URL displayed on the page, and open ADManager Plus.
  • In ADManager Plus, paste the copied Referrer URL in the Referrer URL field and click Save. Enable Integration
  • Navigate back to Zendesk, and click Next.
  • Enter the URL of the server where ADManager Plus is running in the ADManager Plus' Server URL field, and click Next.
  • Enter the ADManager Plus technician's authtoken in the Authtoken field, and click Validate to fetch the associated technician from ADManager Plus.
  • Note: The technician's authtoken can be obtained by navigating to Delegation > Configuration > Technician Authtokens in ADManager Plus.
  • Once the technician's details are auto-populated in the Technician field, click Finish. Enable Integration
  • You can add more technicians in Zendesk by navigating to the Associate Users tab under ADManager Plus. Click Associate Users, specify the technician's authtoken in the ADManager Plus Technician Authtoken field, and click Validate. Once the technician's details are auto-populated, click Save.
  • Note: Authtokens can be edited by clicking the Edit icon next to the Authtoken field. Enable Integration
Note: To establish connection to ADManager Plus, enable SSL port by going to Admin > Connection > Enable SSL Port [https].

Customizing user creation form in Zendesk

  • Log in to Zendesk.
  • In the left pane, click ADManager Plus.
  • Navigate to the Actions tab in the navigation bar.
  • Hover and click the edit icon next to Create User option.
  • In User Creation Fields:
    • Click the + icon to add a field from the list of available fields to the user creation form in Zendesk.
    • Hover over a field and click X to remove that field.
    • If you'd like to make a field mandatory, hover over the field and click Set as Mandatory.
  • Click Save to update the changes.
    • User creation fields can be customized in instances integrated with ADManager Plus builds 7185 and above, and Zendesk plugin versions 2.1 and higher.
    • The user creation fields are text boxes and require technicians to enter a value.
    • Fields can also be added or removed and made silent or read-only in the User Creation Templates in ADManager Plus. Therefore, it is recommended to add only the required fields to the user creation form in Zendesk.

Supported actions:

  • Provision users in AD, Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, Skype for Business, Lync, and Google Workspace, in parallel, using templates
  • Reset passwords in AD
  • Enable or disable AD user accounts
  • Unlock AD user accounts
  • Delete AD user accounts

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