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Zoho Desk, a cloud-based customer support platform, provides a range of features such as ticketing, automation, and support across multiple channels. It enhances customer service efficiency by managing and prioritizing support tickets as it delivers self-service options to users.

Integrating Zoho Desk with ADManager Plus boosts the management of user accounts and IT help desk operations. The integration enables effective user provisioning, password resetting, and access management from Zoho Desk. This ensures IT teams can respond promptly, improving customer support. ADManager Plus strengthens Zoho Desk's ticketing with robust Active Directory (AD) management, providing a comprehensive IT solution. It optimizes productivity, reduces response times, and ensures a unified approach to user support and IT management, enhancing the overall user experience.


Centralized management of IT requests:

This integration synchronizes IT requests in Zoho Desk with AD user accounts, centralizing issue tracking and resolution.


Automated user account management:

Automating the provisioning and management of AD user accounts, the integration with ADManager Plus enhances efficiency and reduces IT staff workloads.


Real-time synchronization:

Ensuring the immediate updating of AD data in Zoho Desk tickets, this integration also provides help desk agents with the latest information for efficient service.

To get OAUTH Credentials

  • Go to Zoho API Console page.
  • Click Get started and choose Server-based application.
  • In the subsequent window that pops up, fill in all the details such as Client name, Homepage URL. In the Authorized Redirect URIs field, paste the Callback URL you copied from ADManager Plus. Refer to this step to obtain the Callback URL.
  • Now click Create to find the Client ID and Client Secret, so that you can add those under Authorization details in ADManager Plus.
OAUTH Credentials

In ADManager Plus

  • Log into ADManager Plus.
  • Navigate to the Automation tab and click Application Integrations.
  • Under Enterprise applications, click the Zoho Desk tile which is a pre-integrated application.
  • Toggle the Enable Zoho Desk configuration button to use the Zoho Desk integration.
  • Basic details under the Zoho Desk Endpoint configuration tab and other subsequent fields are pre-filled. Copy and save the Callback URL in the clipboard as you will need it while configuring the OAuth app.
  • You only have to fill in the Client ID and Client Secret fields once the OAuth app is configured in the Zoho Desk. The steps to configure the OAuth app can be found later. Copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret from the OAuth app and then click Configure.
  • Authorization Type
  • Note: The pre-populated configuration values provided in the Auth URL, Access Token URL, Scope etc..retrieves all user information using the Repeat calling this endpoint option, where a maximum of 25 task details per API call are fetched till the value in the endpoint is "data". More, we can also get the user information from the ticket details in Zoho Desk. For more details about this refer to this API documentation.
  • Zoho Desk Configuration Message Type
  • Click Test and Save.
  • On successful configuration, the structure of the response data will be displayed. Now, click Proceed
  • Response Data
  • Finally, map the LDAP attributes with the appropriate Zoho Desk attributes in the Attribute Mapping section.
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