ISSUE 41 | APRIL 2017
ADManager Plus supports Exchange Online (Office 365) distribution group and mail-enabled security group modification. It introduces a new report to view all enabled computers, and also adds the capability to create accounts for users, in AD, Office 365, Exchange, and Skype/Lync, to its iOS mobile app. ​
ADAudit Plus​ intelligence can be integrated with your SIEM system now. Support for LDAP over SSL, auditing of Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services(AD LDS) and Local Administrator Password Solution(LAPS), are other notable additions.
ADSelfService Plus​ supports Duo Security, RSA SecurID, and RADIUS-based authentication methods to secure the self-service password reset and account unlock processes. The solution now also allows admins to enable or disable the self-service features in its mobile app by customizing the app’s home screen.​
Exchange Reporter Plus makes monitoring of Exchange mailbox databases more granular. You can now check the retention times of mailboxes and deleted items, and monitor the status of background database maintenance and exclusion of mailbox databases from automatic provisioning. ​
O365 Manager Plus​ now performs Office 365 management, auditing, and alerting activities in addition to providing exhaustive reports. Manage mailboxes, users, groups, and licenses in bulk. Audit user and admin activities including non-owner mailbox access, and get alerts for critical events. ​
SharePoint Manager Plus​​ now provides a better understanding of user engagement with its enhanced traffic reports. Now view search keywords and hits of site collections, sites, and site pages for a particular day or month. ​ ​
Cleaning up other admins messes - Top 5 AD security features
April 13th, 2PM BST
Derek Melber,
Active Directory MVP.
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Staying on top of security threats and mitigating attacks with SIEM
April 26, 12PM IST
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Active Directory Quiz Contest Winners
# Stewart Tulloch
# Feargal Ledwidge
# Kevin Neill
Configuring single sign-on for Google Workspace using ADSelfService Plus
User self-service password reset includes multi-factor authentication by Derek Melber
Automating Active Directory Clean Up ​
ADManager Plus helps local government wipe out stale accounts from AD; improves security
ADManager Plus has given us the experience of simplified and trouble-free reporting on AD objects.
Ronald Stoffels​,
Medewerker Server Cluster, Back Office ICT Services, Herleen ​
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