Mitigate threats with user behavior analytics, Identity management myths busted, and more.
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ISSUE 65 | APRIL 2019
Cloud identity solution for enterprises
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Busted: Three identity management myths
  Meet IT administrators Mark and Sarah. While Mark believes that conventional user account management practices still hold up, Sarah begs to differ. What do you think?  
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Mitigate threats like malicious logins, privilege abuse,
data breaches, and more
  Secure your Windows server infrastructure now, with ADAudit Plus' user behavior analytics.  
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  Are you using the right parameters and methods to measure your security operations center's (SOC) performance? Take up our survey and help us gauge your IT security team's performance.  
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O365 Manager Plus introduces notification templates in its latest build!
  With O365 Manager Plus, technicians can now create reusable notification templates with custom recipient list and message for different modules including reports, alerts, and monitoring.  
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Exchange Reporter Plus now helps archiving mail traffic
and OWA reports, and more
  Exchange Reporter Plus now offers the capability to archive mail traffic and OWA reports, and also audits distribution lists.  
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SharePoint Manager Plus extends its support to SharePoint 2019
  Track and analyze activities happening in your SharePoint 2019 environment with the auditing and reporting capabilities of SharePoint Manager Plus.  
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Virtual AD & IT Security seminar– Register now
  Our in demand Active Directory & IT Security seminar is coming online now. Learn from the experts, from the comfort of your workplace.  
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How to detect insider threats and account compromise in Office 365
11 AM EDT | 25th April
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Securing file servers and mitigating ransomware
2 PM EDT | 30th April
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Case Study-ADManager Plus makes VCA's Active Directory user account provisioning simple and foolproof
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