ISSUE 33 | AUGUST 2016
ADManager Plus now supports smart card authentication, and Exchange Server 2016. It also adds Google Workspace user reports (all users, active users and suspended users), as well as the 'copy automation' option, which allows you to automate any AD task easily and quickly, by just copying all the settings of any existing automated task and editing them.
Exchange Reporter Plus now extends its support to Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. New report, 'Message Count and Size Summary' provides details of historical messages contained in a mailbox. Users can retrieve count and sizes of backdated messages in each mailbox.
Office365 Manager Plus now makes it easy to track user activity in OneDrive for Business with new reports; also adds ten new reports on Exchange Online.
AD360 AD360 gets a major facelift with an improved new flat user interface.
On-the-fly Active Directory group management
by Derek Melber, AD MVP.
Word hunt Contest Winners
# Richard Schwalbe
# Blayne Beham
# Sean Brown
ADAudit Plus best practices
ADManager Plus Makes Admissions A CakeWalk For College Montmorency, With Its Bulk User Import & Templates
I have to recreate more than 6000 users yearly, ADManager Plus help create these in less than a few hours. I have much more time left for other tasks and errors occur less often since the template lets you configure your users.
Cuauhtemoc Gagnon,
IT Infrastructure Technician, College Montmorency.
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