ISSUE 43 | JUNE 2017
ADManager Plus seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow, to enable IT help desk technicians to manage Active Directory users - create, enable or disable, unlock and delete user accounts - with just GUI-based actions, right from within their help desk tool. ​
Exchange Reporter Plus​ now has a minimal, flat user interface, with simple graphics and layouts, for improved user experience.
O365 Manager Plus​ now lets you audit and create alerts on Microsoft Teams. We've added 18 new reports on Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory as well as five new audit and alert categories. Simplify license management even more by managing product licenses using CSV import and attribute-based filtering.
SharePoint Manager Plus now performs change auditing for files and folders in Office 365 SharePoint. The audit report provides information on files that have been checked-in, checked-out, modified, deleted, copied, uploaded, renamed, restored, and more. ​
AD360 ​ supports smart card authentication to provide easy and controlled access to its web console. Users logging in to their machines using smart card will be automatically logged in to AD360 in a secure manner. ​
FileAudit Plus now lets you counter ransomware by automating incident response. The tool's built-in response locks down the infected device,halting the spread of ransomware. Additionally the tool can be programmed to initiate customized responses. ​ ​
Log360 now includes an incident management system, with an in-built ticketing system, as well as ServiceNow and ServiceDesk Plus integration. ​ ​
RecoveryManager Plus now adds the ability to back up and restore Hyper-V virtual machines to its arsenal. ​ ​
Top 10 active directory setting changes that require alerts
14th June at 2PM EDT
Derek Melber,
Active Directory MVP.
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Empowering your IT help desk for AD management
20th June at 2 PM EDT
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Contest Winners
# Peter Kiran-Jackson
# Javier Molina
Create your own profile with Office365 Manager Plus
Ransomware make you WannaCry? Fight back instead with the right tools and techniques
Cleaning up other admins messes- Top 5 AD security features ​
RMK Marine has an endless list of reasons to vouch for ADAudit Plus
I highly recommend ADAudit Plus. Now, I can easily monitor user logons, file deletions / modifications, changes in AD and export them as reports. The friendly UI and product support before and after-purchase are excellent.
Huseyin Akbaba
Information Technologies, Rmk Marine ​
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