Mitigate threats with user behavior analytics, Identity management myths busted, and more.
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ISSUE 67 | JUNE 2019
5 things to do immediately
if your Office 365 email account
is compromised
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Create identities, not security loopholes!
  Identify and remedy security pitfalls that might be created while managing identities and privileges.  
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New look for ADSelfService Plus’ end-user portal.
  ADSelfService Plus' user portal sports a fresh look with a flat user interface for an enhanced user experience.  
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Secure Windows logons with two-factor authentication (2FA).
2 PM BST | 19th June
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The US Department of Homeland Security's Office 365 security best practices
2 PM BST | 20th June
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Case Study-Case Study-ADManager Plus makes VCA's Active Directory user account provisioning simple and foolproof
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