ISSUE 64 | MARCH 2019
Machine learning powered analytics to identify
user and entity behavior anomalies
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Track logins and changes across your hybrid Active Directory infrastructure
  Get a view of critical activities happening in your AD and Azure AD from a single console, including Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled logins.  
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ADSelfService Plus logon agent now supports password self-service capabilities for Linux OS.
  Users can now reset their forgotten passwords and unlock their accounts from the login prompt of their Linux machines.  
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O365 Manager Plus takes delegation to the next level with virtual tenants!
  With the capability to create virtual tenants, Office 365 objects can be segmented, and their management operations delegated to O365 Manager Plus' technicians based on administrative requirements.  
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Simple solutions for the complex AD identity management challenges
  Solve your routine user provisioning, attribute modification, and password reset challenges with ADManager Plus' bulk management and template based automation.  
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Secure Windows logons with two-factor authentication (2FA)
2 PM GST | 3:30 PM IST, 27th Mar
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Enhancing threat detection with user behavior analytics (UBA)
2 PM GMT, 14th Mar
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Case Study-ADSelfService Plus frees Kao Specialities' support team from the burden of
password resets
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