Issue 54 | May 2018
ADManager Plus integrates with Zendesk
  Create, delete, enable, disable, and unlock AD user accounts and reset passwords from within the Zendesk console.  
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Take charge of your sensitive data with DataSecurity Plus
  Locate, analyze, track, and protect your business critical data for effective risk assessment, data┬ásecurity, and regulatory compliance.  
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Has federated access to network resources got you worried
about security?
  ADAudit plus now monitors the latest ADFS 4.0 servers for information on IP addresses, relying parties, claims issued, and extranet lockouts.  
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Hassle-free Office 365 group membership management
  Having a hard time in managing group membership in Office 365? Master the knack of doing it in a few clicks.  
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Take control of your IT security.
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Top five critical alerts you need for IT security
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Robust password solutions for Active Directory
May 30th at
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