5 IT security red flags to look out for
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Detect and troubleshoot Active Directory account lockouts with ease.
  ADAudit Plus instantly notifies IT administrators of lockouts and provides them with a consolidated audit trail that helps resolve lockouts.  
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O365 Manager Plus now supports Microsoft Stream
  O365 Manager Plus has added auditing and real-time alerting capabilities for thirty-five types of user activities in Microsoft Stream.  
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Introducing on-premises Exchange backup and restoration
  Back up Exchange mailbox items such as emails, contacts, notes, calendar entries, and tasks, and restore them when needed using
RecoveryManger Plus.
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Secure self-service password resets with Active Directory-based security questions
  ADSelfService Plus now utilizes AD-based security questions for MFA, which verifies user identity by comparing their entered answer with the corresponding AD attribute’s value.  
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Secure Windows logons with two-factor authentication (2FA)
November 20th, 12 PM IST
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Secure your Active Directory environment from potential threats
December 4th, 11AM GST
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Case Study- Harvard Medical School changes its auditing game with ADAudit Plus
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