NTFS Permissions Management and Reporting Tool

ADManager Plus is a powerful share and NTFS permissions management tool with an easy-to-use GUI that allows you to set permissions on multiple folders from a central location. Its powerful NTFS permissions reporter helps identify existing NTFS permissions at a granular level so that users can access only resources they are authorized to access.

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How to manage NTFS permissions

A powerful NTFS permissions management tool with an easy-to-use GUI, ADManager Plus enables IT admins to set permissions on multiple folders from a central location. With ADManager Plus, admins can set fine-grained NTFS permissions with user and group-based access restrictions, ensuring there's no over-permissive access to sensitive files. The tool also allows admins to provide time-based access to critical files and folders, which, in turn, enables them to comply with the just-in-time access principle and reduce the risk of data loss. Using ADManager Plus, admins can copy the NTFS permissions on one object and apply them to another object. Admins can also provide certain technicians with NTFS and share permissions modification capabilities, including the modification of inheritable permissions.


How to manage NTFS reports

ADManager Plus' NTFS Permissions Reporter enables admins to generate detailed reports on users and groups that have access to NTFS folders and files; this helps when admins are auditing and recertifying access to confidential folders and files. Admins can also list folders based on which accounts have permissions, and modify or revoke permissions instantly in the event of wrongful permission assignment. The tool also allows admins to preview changes made to NTFS permissions so they can verify the changes before updating them in Active Directory, ensuring NTFS permissions assignment is accurate.


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