Become a super admin with our ultimate video kit for bulk AD user management.

Video tip #1: Smart bulk user provisioning.

Learn how to provision users across Active Directory, Office 365, and Google Workspace instantly using a CSV file. You can also learn how to schedule template-based automatic bulk user provisioning using data from a CSV file; databases such as MS SQL or Oracle Database; or HR management systems such as Workday or Zoho People.

Video tip #2: Bulk password reset

Learn how to reset passwords for multiple users with just a click. You can also understand how to enforce certain settings like requiring users to change their password at their next logon, prohibiting users from changing their password and setting passwords that will never expire.

Video tip #3: Modification of AD properties in bulk

Learn how to modify AD properties in bulk, including usage of templates to perform dynamic changes based on existing values for each object, and making optional attributes mandatory.