ADManager Plus   Automation

  • Automate user creation and provisioning:

    Streamline user account provisioning across multiple platforms with ADManager Plus. Integrated with HCM, HR databases, ITSM tools, and enterprise apps, our platform automates the onboarding process. Capture new hire data and auto-create users in Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace. Add users to groups, set up Exchange mailboxes, and provision enterprise apps—all while staying secure and compliant. Say goodbye to manual errors and wasted time, and hello to productivity and insights.

  • Automated Identity lifecycle management:

    Transform the way you manage identity lifecycles with ADManager Plus's automation capabilities. From onboarding to offboarding, and every transition in between, ADManager Plus automates complex tasks to ensure seamless role management. Whether it's provisioning new users, managing role-based access controls, or de-provisioning exiting employees, ADManager Plus takes the manual effort out of the equation. Experience a new level of efficiency and security, as our automation features minimize human error and enhance compliance.

  • Controlled automation according to organizational policies:

    Ensure every Active Directory management action is supervised or verified through a defined approval hierarchy. From initiation to review, approval, and execution, introduce oversight at each step to minimize errors and meet IT regulations. Avoid the pitfalls of unchecked automation—like mistakenly deleting users instead of disabling them—by incorporating senior-level supervision into critical automated tasks.

  • Scheduled Active Directory Cleanup

    Streamline your Active Directory cleanup with ADManager Plus's automation capabilities. Identify inactive users, disabled accounts, and empty groups effortlessly. Schedule scans and get detailed reports to act promptly. Choose to de-provision or relocate stale accounts, keeping your AD environment clean, secure, and in compliance, all without manual hassle.

  • Share automations with technicians:

    Elevate team collaboration with ADManager Plus by sharing automations across help desk technicians. Whether you're an administrator or a technician, distribute your automated workflows to any configured team members. Empower them to either execute or duplicate these automations, streamlining operations and ensuring consistency.

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  • ADManager Plus is head and shoulders above the other products that we have used or evaluated. ADManager Plus allows us to keep up with the changes in AD, keep it clean and up to date with minimal effort. ADManager Plus is a tremendous time saver for our support engineers.

    Donald Storm

    Systems Engineer, American Association for Cancer Research

  • ADManager Plus became our final choice because of its price, ease of use, ease of implementation and much needed feature set. ADManager Plus allows us to have more consolidated and centralized reporting across our diverse operating environment with regards to AD administration. The tool also allows us to delegate certain AD administration tasks more effectively and easily.

    Jason A. Kinder

    Director - IT, DRS Defense Solutions

  • Just about the best piece of security software that would put a smile on any security administrator

    Jacinto Godinho

    Administrator: Quality Assurance and IT Security, Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait.

  • IT staff in small organizations do not have the time nor the in-house resources or expertise to be familiar with all the system admin requirements that are expected of them to securely and efficiently manage AD and all its intricacies. ADManager Plus saves time, requires a minimal learning curve and is a very intuitive product. Best of all it is a one stop shop for all my AD management needs. ADManager Plus is a time-saver application that provides a variety of informative and well-formatted reports.

    Philippe Moisa

    Director, Information Systems, American Insurance Association

  • ADManager Plus's reporting has helped me out the most. With its useful reports, we could take some of the edge off SOX compliance. With ADManager Plus, I could run reports to make sure that we are staying within the compliance guidelines between audits.

    Brian Seka

    MicroComputer Analyst, Marmon/Keystone Corporation - A Century of Service.

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