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Account Cleanup

Inactive User Account Cleanup and Management: A Sample Use Case for Enterprises Running on Active Directory

Due to reasons such as employees taking long leave or quitting, inactive user accounts accumulate in an organization's Active Directory. These accounts pose a huge security threat. When they grow in number, they also become unmanageable for IT administrators. Hence it is very important to periodically check for inactive user accounts and take appropriate actions on them as soon as they're identified.

ADManager Plus Automation feature makes inactive user account management a cinch. Let's demonstrate this with the help of a use case...

  • Identify user accounts that have been inactive for 30 days and move them to an OU called BIN1
  • If administrator has taken no action against these accounts then after the next 30 days disable them and move them to BIN2
  • If administrator has taken no action against these accounts then after the next 30 days delete them and move them to BIN3

Now, check out the following video and witness how ADManager Plus automates the above action plan:

ADManager Plus benefits in the process include:

  • Inbuilt reports to easily identify inactive users (say good bye to scripts)
  • A simple and comprehendible UI to perform AD operations such as move, disable and delete
  • Automation of the clean-up process to improve overall productivity & work environment efficiency
  • Automation can be configured to take care of the follow up tasks as well
  • An optional review-approve workflow is available, which offers an extra measure of validation to the inactive cleanup process.

The automation can also be scheduled to repeat at desired intervals

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