Ensuring uninterrupted mail communication especially when organizations go through phases like acquisition, consolidation or demerger could be challenging. The solution lies in prompt creation of 'linked mailboxes'. A quick and hassle free linked mailbox creation is what every administrator would want.

Join this webinar to learn how ADManager Plus can help you

  • Create linked mailboxes from a single console without toggling between multiple tools or writing complex PowerShell scripts.
  • Use linked mailbox templates to standardize the linked mailbox properties according to your organizational needs.
  • Personalize each mailbox by adding custom attributes and configuring custom scripts to be run during mailbox creation.
  • Customize a linked mailbox's properties, such as storage limits, delivery restrictions, and so on, as it is being created.
  • Perform quick and easy fine-grained mailbox delegation for full rights access, send as, and send on behalf permissions.

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