There are 4 vital aspects that every administrator must focus on to ensure hassle-free and efficient Active Directory administration, viz.

  • Managing AD objects
  • Delegating AD operations
  • Automating routine and critical tasks
  • Timely and accurate retrieval of information

All these can be performed using Microsoft’s tools like ADUC, GPMC, etc., or by scripting via PowerShell or any other scripting language or method. But the challenge lies in gaining in-depth knowledge about AD, spending sufficient time to master the various tools and consoles, and also learn scripting. The fact that the responsibility of managing AD is no longer restricted to administrators only adds to the challenge, as mastering different tools and scripting is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea!

The need of the hour therefore is striking a balance between accomplishing complex tasks, using as little effort as possible, which can be achieved easily by choosing the right tool. This webinar will help you understand and learn the effective ways to:

  • Retrieve vital information about the objects in AD, accurately, without PowerShell scripting
  • Avoid the hassle of mastering and using multiple tools and consoles to provision users in AD, along with their Exchange mailbox, Office 365, Skype for business, and Google Workspace accounts
  • Delegate AD tasks to help desk technicians, HRs, and non-admin users without disturbing their native permissions
  • Automate the process of identifying and managing inactive user and computer objects, to prevent them from becoming entry points for potential trouble makers.