Why attend

Onboarding users in Active Directory and modifying their accounts can be quite challenging. The help desk's job becomes all the more taxing given the array of applications that have to be provisioned and made accessible for each user. And imagine how would it be if your service desk tool can perform these operations rather than just handling tickets. 

Perform trouble-free user onboarding and offboarding, end user password reset and account control right from within the service desk console with our ADManager Plus, a comprehensive Active Directory (AD) management solution.


Join the webinar to learn how ADManager Plus can help you

  • Streamline AD user account creation with workflow as per new hires' details given by HR.
  • Reduce cumulative onboarding time by taking advantage of 360° User provisioning.
  • Integrate ITSM-IAM to empower help desk for unified Active Directory management.
  • Schedule automatic AD user creation whenever data is a3dded to HR databases ( for Oracle and MS SQL).
  • Automate deprovisioning - trace, quarantine and cleanup stale Active Directory user accounts.

It's time to explore the world of Active Directory management. Are you ready? Join us!