'Identities' are the most fundamental building block of any business. Enterprises are embracing and all geared up for leveraging Identity and Access Management to the fullest. Microsoft's Active Directory (AD) is at the top of the game as the most acknowledged and widely used enterprise repository for digital identities. This webinar is designed to equip organizations that seek to demonstrate both quantifiable savings and reap real world business benefits -- helping you set up a simple yet secure user AD User life cycle and access management system.

Join the webinar to learn how ADManager Plus can help you create a system of

  • Automated 'User Life Cycle Management' - Effectively provisioning and deprovisioning Active Directory user accounts
  • Privileged Access Management - Prepare, Protect(MFA), Operate(JIT) & Monitor(Reports, Alerts) identities of critical stakeholders
  • Comprehensive Data Access Governance & Compliance - Get clear insights into which employees have what access-ownership and perform necessary permission cleanup
  • Integrated ITSM-IAM dashboard - Empower your help desk for Active Directory management

It's time to explore the world of Active Directory management. Are you ready? Join us!