For enterprises that are Windows shop, Active Directory (AD) will be the heart of their IT infrastructure. AD facilitates controlled access to other platforms such as Office 365, help desk applications and more.

Day-to-day tasks such as user onboarding and offboarding, user account management, permission management, and the like, when performed ineffectively take up all the time that AD administrators have, leaving no room for much bigger and important tasks. What comes handy to resolve this woe is the simple yet effective techniques for managing and streamlining AD tasks.

Join this webinar and learn how you can ease out as well as save time by effectively performing AD management tasks through:

  • Automation
  • ITSM integrations
  • Granular and state of the art delegations

And that's not all! Get to know how our powerful AD management and reporting tool, the ADManager Plus, empowers you to do these activities with ease.Register your spot right away!