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AD Management

Active Directory Backup and Recovery Tool

In spite of the many precautions and controls in place to prevent them, accidental deletions or modifications can happen. Based on the type of change that was made, it could affect just a single user like preventing the user from logging in or from accessing a file or it could bring down a domain controller (DC) and affect many, if not all, users.

Incidents like these often disrupt important business processes, which affects your reputation and can even cost you millions. Unauthorized changes, however small they may be, can hinder your organization's productivity. If neglected, these unintended changes can bring your entire organization to a standstill.

ADManager Plus offers backup and restore capabilities for Active Directory, acting like a healthcare center for your AD. First, it provides first aid by helping you identify and fix the problem. Next, it helps you carry out a full-blown inspection of your AD environment to diagnose what went wrong and why, with the help of predefined reports on recently modified users, AD management tasks performed by technicians, and more.

Incremental backup

Expedite the backup process and minimize the utilization of storage space by only backing up the changes made since the last backup. Subsequent backups are stored as versions.

Full backup

Regularly perform complete backups of all the objects present in your domain.

Object and attribute-level restoration

Restore only the required objects or individual attributes of particular objects.

Restart-free recovery

Recover objects completely or granularly without having to restart your DCs.

Change management

Compare different backup versions to view what has changed, and undo even the smallest of accidental changes.

AD object backup and recovery

Back up and restore important AD objects, such as users, computers, contacts, groups, OUs, and GPOs, without directly accessing the DC.

DNS backup and recovery

Back up and restore your domain's DNS zones and nodes. You can also keep backups of DNS configuration changes for easy restoration after accidental changes.

Delegate AD backup and recovery

Empower your help desk by delegating AD backup and recovery rights to specific OUs. Keep track of backup and restore activities with the help of audit reports.

Benefits of using ADManager Plus for AD backup and recovery:

Minimized downtime

Granular restoration

Quick recovery

Restart-free backup and recovery

backup active directory
retore deleted ad objects
recover active directory user
configuring active directory backup

Besides AD backup and recovery, ADManager Plus lets you perform end-to-end AD, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange management, reporting, and more, all from a single console.

How to backup AD objects using ADManager Plus:

  • Set up your domain in the Backup Settings of the Backup tab.
  • Click Backup Now to back up your entire domain.

How to restore AD objects using ADManager Plus:

  • Click on any of the backup versions under the Recent Operations section.
  • Select the objects that you wish to restore and click Restore.

Accidents can happen any time. Back up your AD data to protect yourself.

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