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As organizations grow, networks, additional resources, system maintenance, and administrative tasks also grow at an even greater pace. It becomes difficult for a single department to manage the entire Active directory in a timely, error-free and effective manner, thus making 'Delegation of Active Directory tasks' crucial.

Fortunately, ADManager Plus provides the much-needed ability to delegate routine Active Directory management and support tasks throughout the enterprise with its powerful 'Help Desk delegation' feature. It allows administrator to delegate tasks to non administrative users like help desk technicians or even business-users (HR Managers, Department Heads, etc.) with appropriate authentication and authorization controls that dramatically reduces the work load on Administrator and saves time and cost.

The Delegation Flow

Help Desk Delegation Process

In a real time environment an administrator spends unproductive time attending tickets like reset passwords, unlock users, rename users, move computers/users, modify general properties etc., these issues can now be handled by non-administrative users with out involving administrator.

To find out how the delegation feature of this tool can help you offloading the excess burden off your back, get the free download of the trial version which allows full access to all features for one month.

OU Based Delegation: The OU based administration lets the administrator to delegate the tasks with a scope limited to a specific Organizational Unit i.e. help desk users can perform the delegated activities (like reset password, manage remote user logon permissions, Terminal Services properties, etc.) that fall under the purview of the assigned OU. This ensures that the security issues are intact and the delegation runs smooth.

Scenario 1: HR Manager can now create new user accounts

Your company is on a hiring phase which led to a sudden influx of new employees, so provisioning of new user accounts becomes a major priority and time consuming factor. Administrator can reduce the time lag and his intervention involved in this process by authorizing HR manager to create new user accounts. Help Desk Delegation provides a login to HR, through which he can view and perform only the tasks delegated to him.

Scenario 2: Help Desk Technician can unlock accounts & reset password

Regular requests like reset password and unlock account requests consume most of administrator's productive time and mounts cost. To combat this, he can delegate these tasks to help technicians by authorizing them to login to ADManager Plus and execute the delegated tasks.

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Other features
Reset Password

Active Directory Reset Password
Resetting expired, forgotten or compromised passwords is a everyday work for Administrators. ADManager Plus has an in-built dedicated feature aimed at reducing this manual work

Active Directory Terminal Services

Active Directory Terminal Services
Microsoft Terminal Services allows IT departments to bring their applications to a single server for use by users anywhere in the world. ADManager Plus facilitates the bulk modification of these terminal services attributes from one single place.

Clean up your Active Directory

Cleanup your Active Directory by Removing unused user accounts
Over time, user and computer accounts become obsolete and needs elimination. ADManager Plus helps you to trace out all inactive, disabled, account-expired users and computers in Active Directory.

Active Directory Bulk User Modification

Active Directory bulk user modification
ADManager Plus allows bulk modification of user attributes, including the Exchange and Terminal Services attributes. Common modifications, such as resetting password, changing the display name, creating mailbox, moving users between OUs.

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"We evaluated ADManager Plus along with several other Active Directory Management and Reporting software. After using it really made life easy for administrators. It is very understandable and fast to learn, I didn't even read the manual."

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