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About Association for Individual Development (AIDcares):

  • Since its inception in 1961, The Association for Individual Development (AIDcares) has served individuals with developmental, intellectual, as well as physical and mental health challenges.
  • In addition to providing services to over 5,700 individuals annually, AIDcares advocates for the rights of individuals with disabilities at state and national levels, and offers training and education to individuals, families, and businesses on disability-related topics.

Industry: Non-profit organization

Location: United States

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automating repetitive tasks


productivity across teams


improvement in mean
time to repair (MTTR)

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Application discovery and dependency mapping

Application performance monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring

Business challenge

With a goal to empower individuals who experience physical, developmental, intellectual, and mental health challenges with the means to live a life of dignity and purpose, AIDcares has been making a significant impact on society for several years. From providing education and healthcare services, to addressing emergency relief needs and promoting community development, AIDcares strives to make a positive difference in the lives of those it serves. With over 20 different programs, AIDcares provides personalized support to individuals with varying needs, ensuring that they receive the care and assistance required to achieve their full potential.

To deliver its programs effectively, AIDcares used various applications to manage its operations, communicate with stakeholders, and provide services to its beneficiaries. However, as the organization grew, it became increasingly difficult to monitor the performance and availability of these applications. This led to downtime, service disruptions, and delays in addressing issues, which affected the quality of services provided to beneficiaries. To address these challenges, AIDcares needed a solution that could provide real-time visibility into performance and availability of its applications, as well as optimize resource allocation, minimize costs, and enhance user experience.

"At AIDcares, we've been using ManageEngine's Applications Manager as our go-to solution for several years now, and it's been an invaluable asset for our organization. By streamlining our processes and eliminating manual labor, we can focus on our mission of providing the best quality services to those in need." — Dave Peterson, Director, Association for Individual Development

"Our organization relies on several applications, such as healthcare databases, electronic health records, scheduling and billing systems, and web applications. Holistic visibility into the performance of these systems is critical to ensuring that staff can provide the highest quality of care and services to individuals with disabilities," Dave Peterson, Director, Association for Individual Development, said.

24x7 visibility and precise answers with ManageEngine Applications Manager

When looking for an application performance monitoring solution, the organization evaluated several solutions, but found none met their needs—until it discovered Applications Manager.

"We evaluated SolarWinds but the solution was too heavy for us, cost-wise. We came across Applications Manager while researching online and since then there we have not looked back. Additionally, we have also been using other ManageEngine solutions and, needless to say, it has become a one-stop shop for all our needs now." Peterson noted.

The decision to adopt Applications Manager was also driven by its ability to improve the end-user experience. Powered by artificial intelligence, the product provides greater understanding of transactional performance in real time and pinpoints the root case of issues.

"By being able to monitor our application stack all the way down to the end-user experience, we have been able to ensure that our beneficiaries can access important resources and support on time," Peterson said.

"The solution provides code-level insight into the performance of our applications. Holistic, real-time visibility allows us to conduct root cause analysis, make quick decisions, and achieve tangible outcomes." — Dave Peterson, Director, Association for Individual Development

Before implementing Applications Manager, AIDcares faced trouble understanding when and why their servers were down. The product helps them actively track the availability, health, and performance of servers.

"We were experiencing slower processing time and increased response time with our servers. Applications Manager was quickly able to pinpoint that our server had been utilized to 90% of its capacity, and we were able to take necessary actions. Now, we can set baselines, detect anomalies, and automate repetitive tasks that initially consumed a big chunk of our time," Peterson observed.

The product helps monitor AIDcare's databases end-to-end, including identifying bottlenecks, addressing long-running queries, and other issues that may affect the performance of the healthcare system. It also monitors the transactions executed on these systems to identify any errors or delays that might affect the quality of patient care. Ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to accurate patient data helps them provide the best possible care to their patients.

"With a single view of everything from servers to databases, monitoring our application infrastructure has become simple. Applications Manager has made our lives way easier. The tool helps us stay aware of the performance of our critical applications 24x7,” Peterson said, adding: “By eliminating manual troubleshooting, the product has helped us cut down IT staff hours, improve productivity, and enhance our focus on serving people."

Key benefits

24x7 unparalleled visibility: With the product's automated discovery and dependency mapping abilities, AIDcares is able to understand the status and health of all its applications and their dependencies with ease. With Applications Manager, AIDcares is also able to detect when URLs in their website are not responding, or are taking too long to respond, so the IT support team can proactively identify and resolve issues before they cause any downtime.

Reduced help desk calls: Applications Manager's issue detection capabilities enable anomalies to be identified in real time, and provides precise answers that reveal the root cause promptly. This has helped to reduce MTTR by up to 90%, meaning problems can be intercepted and resolved before the customer is impacted. This has significantly reduced the number of help desk calls AIDcares receives in a day.

Increased focus on serving people in need: Before Applications Manager, the AIDcares IT support team would spend hours understanding a problem before resolving it. Now, with the product's automation and AIOps capabilities, IT team can identify the root cause rapidly, so they can focus on resolution. This has enabled AIDcares to provide specialized services that address the unique needs of individuals throughout every stage of their lives.

Loved by customers all over the world

"Standout Tool With Extensive Monitoring Capabilities"

It allows us to track crucial metrics such as response times, resource utilization, error rates, and transaction performance. The real-time monitoring alerts promptly notify us of any issues or anomalies, enabling us to take immediate action.

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"I like Applications Manager because it helps us to detect issues present in our servers and SQL databases."
Carlos Rivero

Tech Support Manager, Lexmark

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