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Measure user satisfaction with APM Insight agent

Enterprises today rely heavily on a large number of mission-critical and revenue-generating applications. With so many different metrics being produced by so many applications, how can one normalize performance and assemble information into something meaningful to the Operations Team of an organization? How can you troubleshoot application performance issues to deliver superior user experience?

User satisfaction (Apdex) measurement:

One of the metrics that Applications Manager's APM Insight measures is Apdex Scoring. Apdex graphs to show how well the application performs and measures the user satisfaction of a web application.

The data collected over a period of time is converted into a simple index, based on the application responsiveness. The Apdex score is measured on a scale of 0 to 1.  An Apdex score of 1 indicates all the users are satisfied and 0 indicates none are satisfied.

Apdex Score, as a whole, is critical to measure the service levels and customer satisfaction which in turn measures the business growth. Moreover, these values are easy to decipher; unlike the traditional values of average response time and throughput, that does not accurately interpret a particular transaction that is performing slow and affect user satisfaction.

The Apdex Score is calculated using the following formula:

apdex scores


apdex scores

The APDEX index is based on three areas of application responsiveness:

  • Satisfied:  The fully productive user. This represents the time value (T seconds) below which users are not impeded by application response time.
  • Tolerating:  The user notices performance lagging within responses greater than T, but continues the process.
  • Frustrated:  Performance with a response time greater than F seconds is unacceptable, and users may abandon the process.

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