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How does Applications Manager works?


Steps to get ManageEngine® Applications Manager to work
  • Download and Install ManageEngine® Applications Manager in your system.
  • Configure the desired monitors (using the web client) via Telnet, SSH or SNMP. To configure, you will need to specify only the host name, credentials and mode of monitoring. More Help
  • The performance stats get stored in a MySQL/MS SQL database and you can view the data in the webclient in the form of graphs and reports.
  • You can configure alarms (Email, SMS, Execute Program, etc.) when any attribute crosses the configured threshold level. For example, if the CPU utilization of Linux servers cross 90%, you can configure an email alarm to be generated and delivered to along with the root cause analysis of the problem.
  • So, you are ready to monitor the various applications and servers in your environment in a matter of few minutes.

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