ManageEngine Applications Manager
Monitor Java Web Transactions with APM Insight

With APM Insight’s J2EE transaction monitoring built-in, Applications Manager monitors J2EE web transactions end to end, with performance metrics to visualize transaction performance and potential bottlenecks in real-time. You gain unmatched visibility into how complex applications behave in the real world – where the users’ experience is the name of the game.

Insight Overview

Gauge database performance

Get detailed graphical performance metrics so you can rapidly and intuitively identify -- and often take immediate action to prevent -- the root cause of performance meltdowns.

Insight Traces

Trace transactions

See URL-level execution details represented in an easy-to-parse tree structure. You can even identify SQL queries executed during the transaction.

Your developers will love it!

Insight Overview

Track user satisfaction levels

View Apdex scores that will enable you to communicate to the line of business managers in the language of the business, about how customers feel about applications.

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