ManageEngine Applications Manager
Users don’t care if their apps are on the LAN, WAN or cloud

They just want fast, responsive access to business-critical web applications – no matter where these apps and services reside. Applications Manager's end user experience monitoring capabilities let you track the performance of web apps and critical network services such as Ping, LDAP, DNS and mail server from multiple locations such as enterprise branch offices or even actual customer locations. By proactively monitoring the user experience, you can identify performance issues, understand user behavior, and improve application and network performance.

  • Track performance from actual customer locations
    Install monitoring agents in branch offices or in the actual systems of end users and get insight into real end user experience.
  • Rule out the network factor
    Classify performance problems as local or remote problems and prioritize your efforts to resolve them.
  • Troubleshoot problems more effectively
    Get deep-dive monitoring and troubleshooting for a hybrid IT environment consisting of servers, databases, app servers, transactions, virtual/cloud services, etc.
  • Improve Quality of Service (QoS) to end users
    Plan capacity effectively, meet promised SLAs and enhance the value of IT to business.
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