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APM Insight .NET Agent

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APM Insight .NET Agent



Applications Manager's .NET agent gives you insight into the way your .NET web-transactions work; helping you quickly drill-down to the root cause of issues. Now you can resolve performance degradation of .NET applications, no matter where they originate. Just download the latest .NET Agent and deploy it in your application server.


Click on the links below to learn more about the working of .NET agent and its usage:



Working of APM Insight .NET Agent


The .NET Agent, instrumented into the application using .NET profiling API, collects the data (Metric/traces) and sends it to the Agent service through the Inter Process Communication (IPC). The Agent service, in turn, receives the data from the .NET agent and sends it to Application Manager through a scheduler.


Installing the Agent

Installation Requirements

Now the .NET agent is ready and all the ASP.NET applications running on the server will be monitored. The collected data should be available in the apm-insight tab of Applications Manager's web client within a few minutes.


Managing the agent

Starting the .NET Agent


Editing the .NET Agent Configuration


Stopping the .NET Agent


You can uninstall the agent from the Start menu. Click on Uninstall .NET Agent from the ManageEngine .NET Agent folder in the Start Menu to uninstall the agent.




Using Application Filters

You can choose individual application that you would want to monitor in your IIS server and view individual application metrics on your console. With this new feature you get the flexibility to add or remove monitoring of applications hosted under an IIS server.


Filtering Web Applications in settings dialog


Filtering Web Applications Manually


To filter Web Applications you must make configuration changes in the following:

Changes to be made in IIS Manager

Changes to be made in Agent configuration

Transaction Grouping

Tracking Dynamic Transaction is no easy task. APM Insight lets you group similar dynamic transactions into a single URL for easier monitoring.


Grouping Similar Transactions

We can add, remove or comment the patterns at any point of time in the configuration file.




  • Service restart is not required to take effect of this configuration change.

  • The changes will be affected in the next minute onwards.

Background Transactions

Applications Manager allows users the ability to monitor background processes and other jobs running within the web application.


Diagnostics tool


APM Insight .Net monitoring also features a diagnostics tool called HealthMonitor.exe. It monitors the health of the agent running in the server. Click the button on the left bottom corner of the tool to collects logs and creates a zip file for better troubleshooting and support.



If you face problems during the installation or the .Net Agent, go to our .NET Agent Faq page for troubleshooting tips.

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