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ExecuteAction API

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This API will be used to execute the actions that are configured in Applications Manager. An Operator can only execute an action that is associated to him.


API for XML Response:

http://[ APM Host ]:[ APM Port ]/AppManager/xml/ExecuteAction?apikey=[ API Key ]&ActionId=10000056


API for JSON Response:

http://[ APM Host ]:[ APM Port ]/AppManager/json/ExecuteAction?apikey=[ API Key ]&ActionId=10000056



Request Parameters:

Field Description
ActionId This value specifies the action id and helps the API to execute the corresponding action.
<AppManager-response uri="/AppManager/xml/ExecuteAction">
<response response-code="4000">
<ExecuteAction ActionTypeID="2" Status="Success" ActionExecPath="/common/" Message="The action test1 has been successfully executed" ActionName="test1" ActionID="10000004" ActionType="SMS Action(s)"/>

JSON Input


JSON Response

{"response-code":"4000","response":{"uri":"/AppManager/json/ExecuteAction","result":[{"ActionTypeID":"1","Status":"Success","ActionExecPath":"/common/","Message":"The action alert_mail has been successfully executed","ActionName":"alert_mail","ActionID":"20000003","ActionType":"E-mail Action(s)"}]}}



NOTE: For the Actions lilke Ec2Instance / VMActions / Service actions (Start/ Stop/ Restart) will execute the action directly. where as in UI we are asking the user to send a test mail or to execute the action.


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