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Global Settings

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Global Settings


This section explains the global settings that can be made in Applications Manager. To access Global Settings, click the Admin tab and click Global Settings. On performing any of the configurations, click Update Global Settings button provided at the bottom of the page.


Show Intro Tab

When you login into the Web Client, an Introduction page is diaplayed to helps novice users to get started and to understand the terms used in the product. If you want the Introduction page to be displayed every time you login, select this option.

Do not hide Advanced configuration in Alarm Configuration

By selecting this option, you can always have all the advanced options expanded by default in the "Configure Alarms" and "New Threshold" screens.


By default, while configuring actions at attribute level, only the 'Critical Severity' actions can be associated with the Health of the attribute. Associations of Warning and Clear severity actions are hidden.


Likewise, by default, while creating new Thresholds, only the critical threshold is set. Warning and clear thresholds are hidden. This is to aid customers who require only the critical configurations and they may not be interested in fine grained configuration of thresholds & alarms.

Add Host as a Monitor when you associate a service running in it to the monitor group

By default, when you associate a Monitor (service or server running in particular host) with a Monitor Group, the host (in which the Monitor runs) is also associated with the Monitor Group. If you do not require the host to be associated with the Monitor Group, deselect this option.


For example, if you are add and associate a monitor (say WebSphere) with a Monitor Group, Applications Manager will add and associate the host (say Windows) also in which the WebSphere runs with that Monitor Group.
Note: This host will be monitored only if you have provided the required configuration information.

Add Host also when you add a new service

While adding a service as Monitor, by selecting this option, the host on which the service runs will also be added.

Restart the product in case of serious server error

By selecting this option, you can restart Applications Manager automatically, incase any serious server error like out of memory error occurs.

Note: This host will be monitored only if you have provided the required configuration information.

Show inline feedback form

By selecting this option, you allow the inline feedback form in all pages.

Enterprise Edition Settings

You can convert the standalone professional server to Managed Server by giving the Admin Server Host name and SSL port. Note: This option is available only if you have installed the full build and does not work for upgrades through PPM.

Collect Usage Statistics

Applications Manager collects statistical data associated with quality, stability, and usability of the product.

By checking the Enabled option you grant permission to collect this data. The data collected will remain confidential and be used during analysis.


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Applications Manager Server Settings

Configure Mail Server