Google Map Business View


The Google Maps API embed Google Maps in web pages with JavaScript. By integrating with Applications Manager, the status of all the monitor groups across the globe can be represented visually. The root cause analysis (RCA) data is available in the map.

To represent Monitor Groups in Google map, follow the given steps.

Steps to configure Google Map in Applications Manager web client

  1. Register for Google Map API Key in the following link

  2. Give the Applications Manager client URL for eg., http://appmgrmachine:9090, while registering for the key.

  3. Below is a sample key:


  4. In Applications Manager, under Admin tab, click on Google Map.

  5. Enter the Google Map key.

  6. You can add or delete location from the 'Manage Location' drop down box

  7. You can then customize the Height and Width of the Google Map

Note: You can add Google Map Business view in your intranet itself. Refer the Applications Manager Blog post for integrating Google Map in your intranet.


Important: Get to know and verify the Google Map API Terms of Use