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Server Settings

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Server Settings


By editing AMServer Properties file & AvailabilityTests.conf file (AppManager Home/Conf/), you can change the default server settings used in ManageEngine Applications Manager.

AMServer Properties file
am.webserver.port=9090 This is the web server port used by Applications Manager to connect to the browser.
am.mysql.port=13326 This port is used by Applications manager's MySQL. If this port is occupied when Applications Manager starts, it will be changed automatically.
Tomcat ports for Applications Manager. If any of these ports is occupied when Applications Manager starts, it will be changed automatically.
# specify whether these ports need to be checked or not.

Once Applications Manager starts, it will check if it can access the MySQL port & Web Server port. If it cannot access the port, it will assume that you are unable to start the service and it will shut down Applications Manager. To disable this test, you have to change these values.
#Start up the browser when the server starts up.


In windows, the browser will automatically open when Applications Manager starts. Change the following to false if you do not want the browser to open automatically.


If you do not want to enable file uploads using Admin tab -> Upload Files/Binaries, change the option to false.

While adding custom attributes in JMX /JBoss / Weblogic / WebSphere monitors, only 250 MBeans will be listed by default. If you want more number of MBeans to be listed, change the number. This has been done to reduce the page loading time and over head on Applications Manager Server.

#am.pingtest.command=/bin/ping -c 1 -w 1

Applications Manager executes the ping command to check the availability of a server. You can change the ping command if the options mentioned are not working.
These entries will be used in Enterprise Edition of ManageEngine Applications Manager.
am.filesize.unit=KB (bytes,MB,GB)
am.dirsize.unit=MB (bytes,KB,GB)
Default units of File Size and Directory Size (File system Monitoring) is in KB & MB. You can alternatively use bytes, MB or GB.
#Valid options for language and country en/US,zh/CN,ja/JP, vi/VN


These options are used to change Applications Manager's language to
Japanese ( ja / jp ), Chinese ( zh / CN ) or Vietnamese (vi / VN).

AvailabilityTests.conf file

In Applications Manager, the availability of the system is checked by using ping test. If the ping test fails, it is said that the system is down. If ping is disabled in your environment or if you want additional tests to be performed in addition to the ping test , enable the am.porttestenabled option. If this option is enabled, in addition to performing ping test, Applications Manager will check if you are able to access the ports mentioned in am.portstotest in the machine which you are trying to monitor. You can specify multiple ports in the am.portstotest separated by commas. If you are able to access any one port, system is not said to be down. This option can be used to reduce false alarms / when ping command is not present in the Applications Manager machine.


This value is the time out value used in Applications Manager for checking all monitors.

The number of times the ping command should try again before stopping.


If you change the below option as true, then start Applications Manager as root in linux and admin user in Windows, this option is to enable the native ping test ( if native ping is enabled, native ping will also be tested in addition to normal ICMP ping ).


This option is to set timeout level for tomcat version 5


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