Alarm Details

Under Alarms tab, By clicking on the 'Alarm Message' for individual alarms, the alarm details for each alarm is displayed.

Under the Alarm Details page, you can view:

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Based on the threshold and dependencies associated with the attributes of Monitor, the severity of the Monitor and Monitor Group is determined. You can view the Root Cause Analysis report by clicking the status icon of the attributes (Refer to the Icon Representation section of Appendix, to know the different status icons). Expand the nodes to view the actual cause of the problem. 


The following are the quick links that can be viewed in Alarms page.



Lists all the alarms based on Alarm Views where there are options to choose a particular or all Monitor Groups and Monitor Types.

Last One Hour

Lists all the alarms generated for the last one hour.

Last One Day

Lists all the alarms generated for the last one day.


Check out the blog post about RCA Messages.

Alarms Health and Availability History

Alarm history gives you the history of the changes in the status of Health and Availability of an alarm over a period of one week. The history table displays: