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What is an Alarm?

Alarms are notifications generated based on some condition or criteria, helping to detect problems when any of the servers running in the network is experiencing it. This improves the fault management ensuring productive application monitoring


There are three severity levels for the Alarms and they are

Alarms are generated for the following type of attributes:

  1. Availability of a Monitor. When the availability of the Monitor is down, the severity is represented as and when it is up, the severity is represented as .

  2. Health of a Monitor.

  3. Attributes of a Monitor. Alarms will be generated, if the threshold profile condition set for these attributes is met.


  • The availability of a Monitor requires no configurations from your side.

  • Alarms are also generated based on dependencies configured to the attributes. Refer to Configuring Dependencies section for more details.

The Alarms screen displays a table provides the following:

You can generate alarms and perform actions based on your configuration. Go through the following sections to know more about the alarms tab:.

  1. Filtering Alarms

  2. Creating Threshold Profile

  3. Creating Actions

  4. Associating Threshold and Action with Attributes

  5. Configuring Dependencies

  6. Configuring Consecutive Polls

  7. Search

  8. Alarm Views: This is an option to view the alarms based on a particular Monitor Group or Monitor Type by selecting them from the respective combo box.

  9. Alarms for traps: Traps received via SNMP Trap Listener can be seen here. Also, the other unsolicitated traps can be viewed here.

  10. JMX Notifications: You can view the JMX Notifications received.





Filtering Alarms

Go to the Alarms Tab to view all the alarms configured in Applications Manager along with their severity, type, date and the technician to whom the alarm is assigned. You can sort the alarms by clicking on the parameter type at the top of the table.


You can view all alarms or filter the Critical , Warning and Clear alarms or sort between Configured Traps, Unsolicited Traps or JMX Notification by clicking on the respective buttons. You can also fillter alarms by:



You can search through alarms by clicking the search button at the top of the alarms table. When you click the button text boxes appear in the alarms table under the parameter names. You can search for alarms by typing the alarm message, alarm name, type, or technician to whom the alarm is assigned and then clicking Submit.

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