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Viewing and Configuring Alarms Globally

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Viewing and Configuring Alarms Globally


The purpose of Global Alarm Configuration is that you can associate thresholds and actions to Monitors/ Monitor Groups/ Monitor Types directly rather than from their individual screens. Additionally, you can view all the thresholds and actions associated with the attributes of a Monitor Type/ Monitor Group / Monitor in a single screen.


How to Demos: Have a look at our demo on configuring Alarms in our website.

You can perform the following functions in the screen:


Monitor Groups:

Monitor Types:


  • Override existing Threshold Configuration.

For Monitor Groups (Template action) and Monitor Types, while associating thresholds, an option, "Override existing Threshold Configuration" is displayed. Checking this option will override the threshold configurations of Monitors whose thresholds were configured individually(not from templates) with the threshold configurations of the current Monitor Group/ Type. If left unchecked, the existing threshold configuration of the Monitor(s) is maintained and the new threshold configurations are applied to all other Monitors of the Group/ Type.

  • Monitor Group templates are given priority over Monitor Type templates.

    For example,

If a monitor of a given Monitor Type belongs to a Monitor Group and the thresholds are configured for the Monitor Group as well the Monitor Type of this monitor, the Monitor Group configurations will take precedence over Monitor Type configurations.

  • Configuring Thresholds when a Monitor belongs to two Monitor Groups.

    It is not recommended to configure two different thresholds for a given attribute of a Monitor belonging to two Monitor Groups. When tried, an error message is generated for the same.

For more information, refer to the Associating Threshold and Action with Attributes section.

Note: You can also view the Global Alarm Configuration screen by clicking 'Configure Alarms' under Admin tab, Alarm / Action settings.


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