Perform Amazon EC2 Instance Action

This action can be used to start/stop/restart Amazon EC2 instances in the event of an alarm.

To create an Amazon EC2 instance action, follow the steps given below:

  1. Select the Amazon EC2 Instance Action option from the Actions menu.
  2. Enter the Display Name of the action.
  3. Choose the Action Type to be performed in the event of an alarm. You can choose either Start InstancesStop Instances or Restart Instances option.
  4. Use the Select Target EC2 Instance option to associate the action to EC2 instance(s). There are two ways of selecting the target instance(s).
    1. All EC2 Instances in the selected monitor group: This triggers the action for all the instances present in the selected monitor group.
    2. Specific EC2 Instance: This triggers the action for the selected EC2 instance alone.
  5. You can use the Notify after action executes option to receive an email notification once the action is successfully executed. You can either select an existing email address or define new email addresses using the New Action option.
  6. Click the Create Action button to finish creating the Amazon EC2 Instance action.

After creating the Amazon EC2 Instance action, you can test its execution by clicking the Execute icon   of that action.