ManageEngine® Applications Manager

Add-Ons Pricing

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Applications Manager offers add-on features which are optional to use. These add-ons need to be purchased along with the base product.

Pricing Structure of Add-ons:

All the add-ons are typically priced as a flat fee. You can monitor any number of resources as long as you are within the overall 'monitors' count.


For example, if you buy a 25 monitors license with SAP add-on, you can add any number of SAP monitors as long as the monitor count does not exceed 25.

For more information about add-on pricing structure, please refer our online store.


Note: All the add-ons are included as part of the product. You can use them for free during your evaluation period. Once the evaluation period is over, you can use only those add-ons that you have purchased.

If you want to evaluate add-ons after your trial period has expired, you can request for a trial license by filling up this form in our website.



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