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Database Query Monitor

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Database Query Monitor


Database Query Monitor is used to monitor a single query or a set of queries for any given database. This SQL based query monitor allows user to monitor the status of that particular query.

To add Database Query Monitor, follow the given steps:

  1. Click New Monitor. Choose Database Query Monitor.

  2. Enter the Display Name of the Monitor.

  3. Enter the Host Name of the Monitor on which the database is running.

  4. Enter the Port number.

  5. Select the DB type for which the query is being executed.

  6. Enter the Username and Password of the database server.

  7. Enter the Database name.

  8. Select whether you would prefer Query Output by choosing the Yes or No radio button.

  9. Enter the Query. Please note that the number of queries is limited to five queries. Also, note that the delimiter for a query is new line.

  10. Enter the Polling Interval. By default, it is 5 minutes.

  11. If you are adding a new monitor from an Admin Server, select a Managed Server.

  12. Choose the Monitor Group from the combo box with which you want to associate Database Query monitor.

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