Creating New Monitor Group


This section explains how you can create a new Monitor Group.


To create a new Monitor Group

  1. Click New Monitor Group.

  2. Provide a Name for the Monitor Group. This is mandatory and only alphanumeric characters, dashes (-), underscores (_), periods (.), and spaces ( ) are allowed.

  3. Provide Description, if required.

  4. Select the Owners from the list of users created. Refer User Administration topic for more information on the different roles of users.
    Note: Irrespective of the owners assigned to a monitor group, the monitor group will be visible to all types of users except the operators.

  5. Select the location for associating the monitor group to World Map Business View, by clicking on 'Advanced'. Here you can select and add custom locations, by clicking on 'Add Location' which opens up the world map.

  6. Click Create Monitor Group to create the Monitor Group and to add Monitors later. Monitor Group information is displayed. Click on Associate Monitors to associate existing Monitors to the Monitor Group.

  7. A list of Monitors is displayed in the next page. Select the Monitors to associate. Now, you have got a monitor group along with the monitors associated with it.