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SAP Server Monitors

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SAP Server Monitors


Creating SAP Server Monitor

Prerequisites for monitoring SAP Server : SAP JavaConnector ( JCo) should be present in Applications Manager's classpath. More

Follow the steps given below to create a SAP server monitor in Applications Manager:

  1. Click on New Monitor. Click on SAP Server.

  2. Provide Host Name / IP Address.

  3. Enter the SubNetMask of the network.

  4. Check the Connect using Router String checkbox to enter the SAP Router String through which SAP Server is connected (optional).

  5. Enter the SAP Logon client.

  6. Enter the SAP System number.

  7. Enter the SAP Logon language like EN for English.

  8. Enter the polling interval time in minutes.

  9. If you are adding a new monitor from an Admin Server, select a Managed Server.

  10. Enter the User Name & Password for SAP.

  11. Choose the Monitor Group from the combo box to which you want to associate the Monitor (optional). You can choose multiple groups to associate your monitor.

  12. Click Add Monitor(s). Upon adding the SAP monitor, you can view the details of the newly added SAP monitor.

Kindly refer SAP Parameters to know more about the attributes monitored. Please note that while creating a SAP monitor, you need a SAP user profile with the following authorization objects: S_RFC, S_XMI_LOG and S_XMI_PROD which are minimum prerequisities for adding a SAP monitor.



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