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Siebel Enterprise Server

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Siebel Enterprise Server


Follow the steps given below to create a new Siebel Enterprise Server monitor in Applications Manager:

  1. Copy the "AppManager_Home/working/resource/APMSiebelCommands.txt" file and paste it under "Siebel Installation directory/bin".

  2. Click on New Monitor in Applications Manager.

  3. Click on Siebel Enterprise Server under ERP.

  4. Enter Display Name.

  5. Provide the Host Name or IP Address of the server where Siebel is installed .

  6. Select the Operating System of the server where Siebel is installed from the drop-down menu. Adding windows installed siebel from linux installed Applications Manager is not supported.

  7. Enter your UserName and Password to the server where Siebel is running.

  8. Enter the Siebel Gateway Server and Enterprise Server names.

  9. Enter the Siebel administrator name (administrator or equivalent user) and Password.

  10. Enter the path to the Siebel Installation Directory.

  11. Enter the polling interval time in minutes.

  12. If you are adding a new monitor from an Admin Server, select a Managed Server.

  13. Choose the Monitor Group from the combo box to which you want to associate the Monitor (optional). You can choose multiple groups to associate your monitor.

  14. Click Add Monitor(s). Upon adding the Siebel Server monitor, you can view the details of the newly added Siebel Server monitor.

Please refer Siebel Server Parameters to know more about the attributes monitored.

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