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SilverStream Servers

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SilverStream Servers

Monitored Parameters

SilverStream servers are monitored based on the attributes such as memory, thread, etc. The monitoring details of SilverStream server are represented graphically that helps to understand the parameters with ease. You can also configure thresholds to the attributes monitored by the server based on these details.


Availability tab, gives the Availability history for the past 24 hours or 30 days. Performance tab gives the Health Status and events for the past 24 hours or 30 days. List view enables you to perform bulk admin configurations. Click on the individual monitors listed, to view the following information.




Monitor Information


The name of the server


The health of the server

Availability The availability status of the server

Last Polled at

The time at which last poll happened

Next Poll at

The time at which next poll has been scheduled

Memory Details

Free Memory

Available Memory in MB for the JVM

Total Memory

Total Memory used by JVM

GC Count

No. of time Garbage Collection happened

Request Details

Minimum Response Time

The least time taken to process a request

Average Response Time

Average time taken to process a request

Maximum Response Time

The maximum time taken to process a request

Thread Details

Free Threads

No. of free threads

Idle Threads

No. of threads that are waiting for a task

Total Threads

Total number of threads available

Load Details


No.of requests processed by the server

Current Load Load on the SilverStream Server


No. of bytes transferred by the server

Session Details

Idle Sessions

No.of sessions in idle state

Total Sessions

Total number of sessions

License Details

Used Licenses

Total number of licenses used

Total Licenses

Total number of licenses available


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